Board of Directors

Introducing our directors.

Amaan Zafar

President and Founder

What’s up, everyone! Amaan Zafar here, the Founder, President, and C.E.O. of Virus Protection International! Besides school I fully dedicate my time to VPI. I also responsibly watch Criminal Minds in my free time. I am excited for the opportunity to lead VPI and I hope to achieve a life-altering experience for all of us.

John Mark De La Pena

Vice President

Hi, I’m John De la Peña and I’m a longboarder and film student. I have 2 brothers and a dog and I go to Cerritos High School. My hobbies are fashion, sewing, and music.

Allison Lee

Vice President

Hello my name is Allison Lee and I am one of VPI’s Vice President. My hobbies including reading, watching kdramas, and listening to kpop. My favorite quote is “I walk around like everything is fine. But deep down, inside my shoe, my sock is falling off.”

Prince Osaji

Executive Director

Hello, my name is Prince Osaji, and I’m currently serving as VPI’s Executive Director. I am very committed to this organization’s cause and I think that this organization is exactly what we need, especially now during this pandemic. It is my utmost hope that this organization affects as many people as we can and that we truly make a difference. I also am committed to the Model United Nations Program at my school and I serve as a Delegate’s Affairs Officer(DAO). Additionally, I enjoy community work through my school’s Key Club and in my free time I play soccer and basketball, or watch Netflix. Thank you so much for your interest in VIrus Protection International, and I hope you are truly impacted by our organization. 

Inaam Zafar


Hey guys! My name is Inaam Zafar and I’m beyond excited to serve as Secretary of Virus Protection International this year. Outside of the program, I’m part of clubs like MSA, MUN, and STEM. In my free time I like to read, gardening, binge watching The Simpsons, and sleeping. This year is going to be very different with a new online conference system, however, I hope that I can help make it a special year where we learn, grow, and have fun!  If you need advice or a break from things, feel free to come to me; I’m just an email away.

Sandeep Gullapalli

Director of Activities

Hello, my name is Sandeep Gullapalli, VPI’s Director of Activities. I am an 11th grader at Whitney High. Some of my hobbies include playing sports, reading, and participating in club activities.

Tiffany Moon

Director of Publicity

Hello! My name is Tiffany Moon, I am VPI’s Director of Publicity! I am really looking forward to being a part of VPI and helping people in need. I am a current Junior in High school, and some of my hobbies include dancing, singing, and roller skating.

Sikander Narang

Vice President

What’s good! I’m Sikander Narang and I am an incoming sophomore at Whitney High School. I love to play basketball with my friends and I have even taken my talents to high school and AAU basketball. I like to play 2k and COD with my friends in my free time. My favorite subject in school is math and I love to listen to music!

Amsal Ali

Director of Public Relations

Hi, my name is Amsal and I am a junior at Whitney High School in Cerritos. After taking part in many programs, I developed a new-found passion for activism. Therefore, I’m engaged in organizations such as VPI. I hope that through this platforms I can help my community change for the better. In my spare time, I enjoy playing basketball (I am a fanatic), listening to music, and spending time with my family.

Mateen Saliminejad

Director of Production

I am Mateen Saliminejad, an 11th grader at Whitney High School. I joined VPI because I saw how uncontrolled the virus was, and I thought that maybe if people were more educated on how to stop the spread, COVID-19 could be better controlled so that less people hav to suffer from this virus. I love all things technology, and I also like to mess around with video production. Overall, I enjoy most sports, and am almost always outside. I can’t wait to continue this journey with VPI!

Custo Yang

Director of Communications

Hello, my name is Custo Yang and I am currently a junior at Whitney High School. I’m very excited to serve as the director of communications this year for VPI. In my free time I enjoy reading manga, watching twitch streams, and playing a variety of mobile and PC games. To me, Minecraft will always be a classic to play with friends!

Wenchao Hu

Director of Volunteer Services

Hello! My name is Wenchao Hu and I am the Director of Volunteer Services for Virus Protection International. I am an entrepreneur, driven by knowledge and curiosity, to be passionate about causes I support and fighting for the future we desire. I have special interests in the stem fields but also naturally drawn to entrepreneurship. In my spare time, I love to go for a round of golf or sit down to enjoy some books.

Matthew Fok

Director of Art/VR

Hi! I am Matthew Fok, a junior at Whitney High School. I am deeply passionate about helping out my community and learning more about the issues in our world. In my free time, I enjoy swimming and reading about the news. I am ready to serve, inform, and protect!

Veer Adhvaryu

Director of Technology

Hello, my name is Veer Adhvaryu and I am in the 10th grade and Whitney High School. I am on the school soccer team and I am also planning on joining track and field this year. Outside of school, I love to spend time with my friends and family and I also enjoy creating anything relating to media!

Suraj Shah

Director of Events

Hello, my name is Suraj Shah, and I am an 11th grader at Whitney High School. I am currently the director of events for Virus Protection International.  My hobbies include reading, watching TV, and playing soccer.

Aman Shah

Director of Education

My name is Aman Shah and I am the Director of Education. I play tennis and have been a part of M.U.N. for 3 years now. I love to speedrun video games in my spare time. I also aspire to be a chemist, working for a pharmaceutical company in the near future, to eradicate some diseases with medication.

Eliza Renee Miranda

Director of Information

Hello!!! I’m Eliza Renee Miranda but call me whatever you want haha. I’m a 10th grader at Whitney High and I’m so thrilled to be VPI’s director of information this year :DD outside of VPI, I’m a part of clubs like Visions Thru Song and Club Kaibigan. Whenever I have some free time, I love to sing (well, more like yell) songs and chat with family and friends.

Abhiram Putta


Greetings! My name is Abhiram Putta and I’m a Junior at Gretchen Whitney High School. I currently hold the position of Webmaster on the VPI Board. I can’t wait to work hard with the rest of my fellow members! In my personal time, I enjoy listening to music and studying for national math and physics competitions. A dream of mine is to prove my knowledge on an international level. I believe working on such a vast project is the one of the steps to my ultimate goal. I look forward to the rest of the year! Thank you for having me!


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